Ray Vaughn : Black-American Photographer
Scooter In Costa Brava Spain 1977 Without Her, There Is No
Me. We did it our way. The Photographer Self-Portrait December 2020 Scooter In Costa Brava Spain Scooter In Wiebaden Germany Scooter, the kids, and my mother in Germany Tiffany Vaughn Bacharach Germany 1977 Father And Son Self-Portrait Rhine RIver And Mainz Germany In Wiesbaden In Frankfurt In Frankfurt  A Picture From Scooter While Serving In Vietnam . Our Italian Family In Vicenza Our Italian Family in Vicenza It Keeps Raining In Amsterdam With Best Friend Gene and Linda Vasquez Metz France In Metz France With Linda Vasquez Moving Into Our First Apartment Walldorf Germany Scooter In Salzburg
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