Ray Vaughn : Street Photographer
RVS1022 Sunrise Liquors RVS0421 Lady In Park RVS1946 Bear River California RVS0284 Mother And Child RVS2158 Fishing RVS0851 People And Rail Car RVS2191 American River Reflections RVS1837 Bear River  California RVS1222 Smog Check RVS9902 Girls In Water Spray RVS1049 Pocket Of Light RVS0495 Skateboarders RVS0960 River Reflections RVS6374 1958 Chevrolet Impala RVS6932 Ice Rink Floor Piping RVS0300 Woman With Sports Blanket RVS0735 Rail Tracks RVS0056 Billboard Abstract RVS1247 Yellow Umbrella RVS1178 Window Cleaner RVS1000 Waterfront Scene RVS2415 The Wild Plum Monterey California RVS0013 Rainbow Corner RVS0993 Picture Taking RVS7139 Sutter Street Folsom California RVS7238 Snooks RVS7079 Condiments At Sutter Street Grill RVS6833 Ice Rink Floor Piping RVS0426 Lady With Colorful Hat RVS0036 Man And Shadows RVS0026 Autumn Sunrise RVS0053 Lady At Lake RVS0069 American River California RVS0073 Lone Kayaker RVS0119 Patterns From Above RVS0133 Positive Attitude RVS0142 Lady At Farmers Market RVS0217 Lucille's Girl RVS0407 Ice Shadow RVS1124 Geometric Shapes RVS0435 Lady At River
7167 Woodmore Oaks Drive Citrus Heights California 95610 916.726.4530