Ray Vaughn : Street Photographer
Ray Vaughn : Street Photographer

Photography, for me, is to record beautiful images of life. I’m looking for those rare moments, when light, form, and color converge to please the eye.


As A photographer, I want to snatch these precious, and often brilliant moments in time that make all the rest of it, all that might not, say, be so beautiful, worth living for, and, I want to save them for loving inspection at a future time. They are photographs of a reality that we recognize, but that we don’t always seem to see.  I like looking at the beauty of life.  All I really want to do is give respect to this beauty.


There are two things I value more highly than anything else: love and photography. For me the two seem naturally inseparable, serving to sustain each other. To be a good street photographer, I believe, you have to love people generally, love the way you lead your life, personal relationships you have, and, the love of what you see around you.


Prejudice sucks.

I am not interested in a person's ethnicity, lifestyle, religion, gender, political party, or any such matters of irrelevance. My photography is what I see, what I am. Having compassion for humanity has made my life much richer and complete.


I get a tremendous charge out of what I do. My idea of a fulfilling day is to photograph. Each day I want to leave the house, always with the camera, be open to what I find out there, no schedule, and no agenda. When I see something I like, I stop and take the picture of what is in front of me at that moment.  Not the moment before, and, not the moment after.


Great photographs are made where you find them, and, I want to find  as many as I can.


Another reality is that I photograph for me.  We have, for years,  reached a stage when commercial work is not accepted.  Every photograph on this website is personal work. I want to grow every day of my life by meeting people I’ve never met, seeing things I’ve never seen before, and, I want to photograph them.  Until the end, I want to be the kid in the proverbial toy store.


Many of our accomplishments in photography would not be possible without the encouragement, support, and love of my wife of over forty-seven years, and, our children. I thank them.




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